Chiropractic care is focused on disorders of the Musculoskeletal system that hold you back from living your life. We specialise in postural care and optimise the function of your spine so that you continue moving with no pain.

Our experienced chiropractors are meticulous with their diagnoses, so that they can treat the symptoms and help you understand WHY these problems keep occurring. Common symptoms our chiropractors treat include:

      Back Pain

      Neck Pain

      Postural issues from both white collar and blue collar occupations


      Sports injuries


      Shoulder and Knee Pain

It is estimated that 70-90% of Australians will suffer from back pain in their lives, this can be primarily due to bad postural health. Bad posture can be a result of accidents, stress, lack of exercise, sitting down for too long and general wear and tear. This is becoming a growing problem in society that needs to be addressed and chiropractic treatment as well as education can help. Our Chiropractors have undergone a minimum of 5 years in training to understand how the human body works and adapts to stress. This stress places a lot of pressure on the way we sit, stand and go about our day to day lives. So having a chiropractor that will look deeper into the underlying cause of the issue will not only save you from pain but will rid the issue and improve your quality of life.

Neck pain is another common issue that we treat and is the result of poor posture and stress at the desk. This naturally shifts the vertebrae of the neck and creates tension which can cause headaches. What we do is alleviate the symptoms by restoring the mobility in the neck through various techniques specific to the patient’s requirements. From here we inform the patient on proper neck posture at the desk and provide exercises that will help restore the neck and spines neutral position.